We are currently open for business! Social Distancing guidelines will be followed, and we highly recommend that everyone wears a mask. Best wishes - SBTR

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What We Offer

One Hour Horseback Ride

Just the right amount of time in the saddle to enjoy a scenic trail ride in the North Carolina mountains. Our experienced guides will lead you on a ride with gentle trails and panoramic views of the countryside. An enjoyable horseback ride for all abilities.

Two Hour Horseback Ride

The two hour ride is for those who like to spend more time in the saddle. This ride starts out along the same scenic trails as our “one hour ride” and then goes up further into the hills. We then take a short break at the 200 year old gem mine and cave to allow our guests to stretch and explore for 10 to 20 minutes before winding back down to the stables. Be sure to bring your camera as the scenery is spectacular!

Three Hour Horseback Ride

The three hour horseback ride is our most popular ride. We leave the stables and ride over the hilltops for approximately an hour. We then take an hour break at the Little Pine Gem Mine to allow our guests to stretch and explore the gem mine. After one hour, we mount again and follow the trail to up to the high mountain. From there, you can see Big Ball Mountain and Tennessee. Finally, the trail winds back down to the stables.

Four Hour Horseback Ride

The four hour ride gives you an sweeping view of the surrounding mountains, valleys and meadows. On this extended ride, we begin with the lower trails and gradually work our way up to the high mountain trails. We also visit the gem mine, where you have a chance to look for garnets and stretch your legs. As we ride higher the mountain, we will stop on top of the ridge to take pictures. The views are never ending as we wind our way back to the stables. 


Four Hours of Horseback Riding: please call for price

* Children 6 years and under may ride double with a parent 1/2 price.

*private rides for $10 extra per person

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons at different times of the year. Please call for availability and more information.



  • One Hour Ride $55*
  • Two Hour Ride $85*
  • Three Hour Ride $110*
  • Four Hour Ride $160*
  • Children 6 And Under Ride With An Adult For Half-Price
  • Gem Mine $30 per day
  • Pay in cash and get $5 off.

*Pay in cash and get $5 off.